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中职 英语基础模块第一册课后答案


Unit1 1:Complete the dialogues. B:Hello! How are you? A:How are you? B:Good morning. A:It's really fun. 2.Match. classroom. library. playground canteen. dormitory. computer lab 3.Answer the questions. ⑴I think it's very large and beautiful. ⑵Yes,there is. ⑶Yes.I want to get good grades and gain some useful society skill. 1.Pre-reading ⑴The writer learns carrepairing. ⑵The writer felt lonely and missed parents very much. ⑶The writer has three classes in the morning. In the afternoon,the writer has practice classes.After class,the writer has many interesting activities. 3.Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the words in the box. ⑴Luckily ⑵vicational ⑶ repair ⑷concern ⑸adapt 4.Write down your own school life plan. Another new term comes again,so I should have a school life plan to promote myself.Firstly,I decided to finish my homework carefully than before.And pay more attention to the know ledge.Secondly,I will do a lot of read to widen the range of my knowledge and try to combine thoerty to practice.Finally, I will learn to adjust,to be more positive and more helpful. That's what I plan to do in a new term.

5.Practice ⑴Are, am ⑵ are ⑶is ⑷are ⑸ is, is ⑹ Are ⑺ is ⑻is

Unit 2 Warming-up 2. Parents mother children daughter. son. wife. husband children sister. brother 3.Answer the questions. ⑴ Four people. mother, father, brother and me. ⑵Yes.we live in a woman home. ⑶My father is a company clerk. 4.Rewrite the sentences. How very lonely the little dog! What a beautiful rainbow! How handsome young man you are! Reading and Writing 1.pre-reading (1)He raised four children. (2)Not only their “father”,but also their good friend. 3.⑴plays with ⑵real ⑶toys ⑷daughter ⑸animals 4.⑴children

⑵sons daughter ⑶girl ⑷toy cars ⑸England Grammar practice |.Choose the right pronoun to fill in each of the blanks. ⑴Our ⑵her ⑶your ⑷their ⑸This His ⑹these ⑺it ⑻Your (9)mine (10)Its (11)me (12)her (13)which (14)it (15)Whom ‖.Complete the questions to suit the answers. ⑴Who ⑵What

⑶Whose ⑷Which ⑸Whose

Unit3 Warming-up 1.Complete the dialogues dose she go to the supermarket? I go to the supermarket every Friday. No,I don't. On Saturday night. 2.Write the corret verbs under the pictures.Use the verbs 1.get up 6.eat 2.brush 3.clean 4.get 7.check 8.say 9.go 5.make

3.Answer the questions. ⑴At 7 o'clock. ⑵I usually play the piano. ⑶I read some books. Reading and Writing 1.⑴People make great efforts to arrive on time. ⑵It is expected that you call the person you are meeting. ⑶Because they will not expect you to be there on the dot. 3.⑴value ⑵appointment ⑶expected ⑷consider ⑸specific 4.Dear Miss Tang, I'm sorry that I didn't go to the dancing class last night. Because I had to attend my grandma's birthday party. So I am sorry I could't come to class.I hope you can forgive me. Your Student Elise

Practice ⑴in ⑵for ⑶about ⑷on ⑸with ⑹as ⑺for ⑻for (9)about (10)except

unit4 warming-up 1.Would you like to go shopping with me? I'll see you tomorrow. 2.⑴shopping mall ⑵book store ⑶department store ⑷drugstore ⑸supermarket ⑹ bakery

3.⑴Yes.I can buy some new clothes. ⑵In shopping mall building. ⑶Not often. Because I don't like reading. Reading and Writing 1.⑴First,They feel safe. Then parking is usually free,and the weather inside is always fine. Last,the newest malls have beautiful rest areas with waterfalls and large green trees. ⑵Edina,Minnesota. ⑶Eat food,see movies,see a doctor or a dentist and even go to church. 3.⑴shopping ⑵mall ⑶indoor ⑷favorite ⑸security Practice ⑴plays rained didn't play played ⑵is makes made was was ⑶am was mended cleaned watered cooked didn't wash washed felt

Unit5 1.birthday party Thank you so much. Lily,nice to meet you,too. 2.garden party birthday party wedding graduation party cooktail party Christmas party 3.⑴Yes,it's very fun. ⑵In fact not. ⑶First bring some gift such as a bottle of wine and chocolate.Second you should arrive on time.Third say something good about the dishes.After dinner don't stay too long.When leaving thanks the host again. Reading and Writing 1.No 2.Flowers,chocolate, a small gift, a thank-you note or telephone call after the visit 3.You should tell those expecting you as far in advance as possible that you will not be there. 3.⑴refuse ⑵attend ⑶appropriate ⑷responded⑸means 4.Dear Elise, Christmas is coming.I am here sincerely to invite you to come to my party for Christmas at my home tomorrow.Food and drink will be adequately of fered and interesting games are avalible. With you a Merry Christmas!


Sammi Grammar

Practice |.BACACBCA ||.1.had finished 2.had seen 3.was reading 4.has been 5.would come back 6.would go 7.would have 8.were cleaning 9.had begun 10.just have had Revision | Comprenensive Exercises A.1-5:CCBCB 6-10CBABA 11-15AAABB B.1-5BAAAC 6-10BBABC C one1 -5BABAC Writing A1. football as a hobby 2.a member of 3.must learn all the time within weeks B Dear Peter, How's it going?On summer holiday my parents took me to Beijimg by plane.We went to the Great Wall.We also went to the Palace Museum.The last days,we went to the Summer Palace.I like this trip very much. I miss you so much. I hope you have a happy summer holiday. two 1-5CCBBA



Unit6 Warming-up 1.playing basketball How about you? What do you think is the most important thing abou lose weight? I think you should. 2.basketball football tennis badminton the high jump


ping-pong swimming gymnastics 3.⑴Yes,especially good at badminton. ⑵badminton ⑶Do more exercise and have a healthy diet; Reading and Writing 1.⑴Chinese eat a big meal for lunch but eat less at diner. Americans lunchtime is very quick. The dinner is well prepared and takes a long time. ⑵Because they only have one or less than one hour for their lunch and have to go back to work or school. ⑶It as a way to take a good rest after a long,hard day of work. 3.⑴on a diet ⑵differs⑶anything but⑷rude⑸saying 4.We know that some of our students do not like eating lunch at school because the food isn’t delicious. So they often go out of school to buy something they like to eat. But I’m afraid it’s bad for their health to eat lunch outside because some of the food they buy isn’t healthy enough. In my opinion, if our schools want more students to be back and enjoy lunch inside, they should make the food more delicious, and also they should offer our students a larger choice of food as well.

Grammar Practice 1-5BADDB 6-10CDDBB

Unit7 Warming-up 1.The first room on your left. Thank you very much. 2.⑴in the box ⑵on the box⑶in front of the box ⑷behind/in back of the box ⑸under the box ⑹next to the box⑺between the two boxes⑻across from the box 3.⑴Between the teaching building. ⑵I used to get lost in a strange city. ⑶I'll ask some pedestrians. Reading and Writing ⑴The writer being a volunteer in the 2008 Olympics. ⑵Because the writer has the chance to show our traditional culture,strength and friendliness to the whole world. ⑶The writer provided some shelves to keep the things of the audience later. 3.⑴proud ⑵disasters⑶cooperation⑷crashed⑸gained 4. When I was young,oneday I assembled the airplane model.Two hours later I still didn't finish it.I was a little bit out of patience.When I was about to give up, my father came in my room.He asked me for a reason, and encouraged me.He told me to do anything to be patient.At last, I finished the model with his patience.I looked at the model and felt particularly proud.I understood the importance of patience in this matter.So in later days whenever I'm in trouble, I tell myself to be patient. Grammar ⑴SVO⑵SVOC⑶SVIODO⑷SVO⑸SVOC ⑹SLP/SVP⑺SVOC⑻SVIODO(9)SVO(10)SLP/SVP

Unit8 Warming-up 1.What's the matter with you? Have you ever seen a doctor? I have a cold. have a good rest 2.cough. toothache. headache. sneeze 3.⑴Yes.Last year I had a heavy cold. ⑵Clothes less or eat cold food. ⑶I usually go to hospital. Reading and Writing 1.⑴Because they believe such testing is unnecessary. ⑵Scientists in medical labs know that if the medicine work with animals can also work with people. ⑶Ithink animals have the same rights.Because we live together on the earth. 3.⑴live ⑵effect ⑶necessary ⑷meet ⑸against 4.Dear Miss Lee, I'm sorry that I couldn't go to the computer classes last night.I had a bad cold last night.My mother took my temperature and my temperatue was high.My mother took me to go to the doctor.The doctor told me that I should stay at home and have a good rest for 2 days.So,I have to ask for two days leave from school.Thank you.

Yours Elise Macth 12th Grammar1-5BCBAB 6-10DCCBA

Unit9 Warming-up 1.Merry Christmas! I like it very much. Happy New Year! Thank you! 2.Saint Patrick's Day Spring Festival Lantern Festival Mid-Autumn Festival Easter Dragon Boat Festival Christmas Day Halloween Valentine's Day

3.⑴Have a meal with a big family. ⑵Dragon Boat Festival ⑶I'm going to eat rice dumplings and watch the dragon boat races. Reading and Writing 1.⑴Easter ⑵The custom of giving gifts and the habit of family union. ⑶Whit Sunday falls on the seventh Sunday after Easter. 3.⑴chief ⑵decorate ⑶patriotic ⑷ceremony ⑸hangs 4.Season's greetings and sincere wishes for a bright and happy New Year! Wishing you happiness during the holidays and throughout the New Year.Good luck, good health, hood cheer. I wish you a happy New Year! Grammar Practice |. written had given studied put made played helped begun known said read cut done seen ||.⑴was broken⑵be mixed⑶was seen⑷was stored⑸were collected ⑹is added⑺were read⑻was used(9)was built(10)will be finished

Unit 10 Warming-up 1.What were you doing just now? What time shall we meet? What's your holiday plan? Have fun! 2.Spring Autumn Summer Winter

3.⑴Hawaii,Bali ,etc. ⑵Shanghai Because it is an international big city. ⑶It is a typical outdoor sports and leisure sports. Reading and Writing 1.⑴Yes.Jiuzhai Valley,the Great Wall,the Summer Palace . ⑵Often we journey in search of something of ourselves,love adventure, understanding,the place we belong to. ⑶Yes.We travel and travel in order to find our partners and our spiritual home. 3.⑴desperately⑵share⑶adventure⑷unforgettable⑸stand 4. I wish I could have an ideal residence where is an good green environment, a

nice convenience store where I can buy a fresh vegetables and fruits everyday.A clean, quiet and neat place, no air pollution and water pollution, no garbage on the ground,no noisy around, no dog shit everywhere, a enjoyable, viewable view, visual qualities and walkable park in the community, a beautiful bridge over across a clean fish pond with manmade fountain an mountain. Grammar Practice |.⑴Dose Mr.Zhang is a worker? Mr.Zhang isn't a worker . ⑵Dose Thomas listen to music every evening?

Thomas doesn't listen to music every evening. ⑶Do they clean their classroom once a week? They don't clean their classroom once a week. ⑷Did you do your homework yesterday afternoon? I didn't do my homework yesterday afternoon. ‖⑴What do you see in the picture? ⑵What day is day? ⑶What color is your coat? ⑷How does he usually go home? ⑸Who is Mike? ⑹Whose kite is that? ⑺How much is this TV set? |||⑴isn't she? ⑵isn't he? ⑶did they? ⑷are you? Revision‖ A1-5AACAC 6-10ACBAA 11-15CAACA B1-5ABCCB 6-10BCBAB C one1-5CBABA Writing A1.I have time? 2.was expected 3.is B Dear Xiaohong, two1-5BCBBC

I will go to Shanghai next week. Would you please book a hotel room for me? I'd like a single room with bath. And it better be located in the center of the city. I will arrive on Jan. 5, and stay there for a week. Thank you very much for the trouble. See you then. Yours sincerely, Li Mingming